Bohemians Are Going Back to Nature with an Eco-Conscious Trend

I am always looking out for ways to care for our environment. What I discovered was Bohemia has really taken their commitment to sustainability to heart. They want to go back to nature! The trend of Bohemian style is going green. How did they get started, and how does it fit into my wardrobe? Please visit online slots and make money online.

Getting A Grasp Of Bohemia

When I say “going back to nature”, I don’t mean living off the land. I mean that Bohemia values sustainable practices in every aspect of its operations. This brand takes pride in using organic cotton and environmentally friendly dyes. Another example is that they only sell leather from cattle that haven’t been given growth hormones or subjected to harsh chemicals. In addition, Bohemia helps keep its factory workers employed by offering them training opportunities, such as learning about solar power.

Bohemian Trends

Bohemia believes that fashion should never harm the planet. Their mission statement states that they take responsibility for the impact of their clothes because they want everyone to enjoy wearing them without harming the environment. I love that concept! There are many different styles that Bohemia offers, but here are a few of my favorites:

Quilted Knits

The quilting process is very labor intensive. To make sure this works for both the people who sew the clothing and the animals they use, Bohemia uses wool yarns made from recycled plastic bottles. These knitted garments are ideal for fall or winter.

Animal Print

If you want something more casual than your usual business attire, animal print will work well for you. Bohemia features a variety of wild prints, including birds, fish, and even snakes. It can be worn all year long, especially if you pair it with neutral colors like black or gray.


Leather pieces aren’t just for men anymore. Women have embraced this material too, so why not wear leather? This material is great for those days when you feel like dressing up a little bit. You can choose between cowhide and buffalo hide, which come in a wide range of color options.


This is one of my favorite trends right now. Bohemia is the first major company to offer hemp clothing. That means you can buy shirts, pants, dresses, and accessories made from this versatile plant fiber. It’s durable enough to withstand heavy washing, but it also breathes well. Plus, it’s 100% natural.

Organic Cotton

Cotton farming leaves large amounts of waste behind. Even worse, most cotton on the market is genetically modified. So what makes organic cotton better than non-organic cotton? Well, it’s grown without pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. For me, this is the best choice because there’s no way to know whether these harmful substances were used during the growing process. Also, organic cotton is much stronger than conventional cotton. I personally prefer buying organic cotton over other types because the quality is superior.

Recycled Materials

As mentioned before, Bohemia uses recycled materials wherever possible. They aim to use up to 80% less raw materials than traditional companies. If you see a piece of fabric advertised that says “made in America with 50% post-consumer content,” then it’s likely that it was made from recycled polyester.

Fair Trade

They believe that fair trade gives workers a chance at a better life. Workers earn higher wages, and farmers receive fair prices for their products. That way, they can invest in new machinery and expand their crops.

Sustainable Practices

In order to protect the environment, Bohemia has gone green in multiple ways. The factories where they produce their fabrics are energy efficient, and they focus a lot of attention on water conservation and recycling. When customers purchase items from Bohemia, they help support local communities and small businesses.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging isn’t only about switching out single-use plastics for biodegradable ones. Bohemia sends back any defective products and replaces them with new ones. In fact, they encourage their customers to do the same thing by placing return shipping labels inside each package.

Anti-Microbial Fabric

Because we spend so much time sitting at our desks, many of us end up developing bacteria and viruses on our skin. But thanks to anti-microbial fabrics, that won’t happen! The fibers attract moisture away from the body, making it easier to perspire. Because of this property, they’re often found in athletic apparel and bedding.



Bohemian culture sees real money as a result of real effort. Their brand is a reflection of their values, which include honesty, hard work, integrity, and mutual understanding. They aim to make people happy every day through their authentic designs and high-quality garments. I love how they take pride in being environmentally friendly. That’s something I think everyone should appreciate.