Boho Decor

10 Must-Haves for your Boho Abode

I have compiled a basic list of the things that will give your home a unique and distinctive feel without costing the earth. Most of these items can be found at fleamarkets or can become DIY projects. When I’m not indulging my addiction to the best online slots australia, I am trawling the local markets and the internet for beautiful decor items.

1. Mexican Blankets

These blankets have a beautiful fringe and come in an array of vibrant colours – mexican blankets are perfect for adding texture and interest to your space. They are versatile and can be used as wall art tapestry, draped over a sofa, or even as a rug. As an added bonus, they are not as expensive as kilims. You can find them at

2. Colourful Candles and Decorative Candleholders

An inexpensive and easy-to-find addition to your bohemian look, candle holders and candles are a necessity. They are beautiful to look at and also extremely practical as they add wonderful scents and gorgeous natural light to your home. My favourite candles at the moment are soy-based because they are environmentally friendly, smell heavenly, and can double up as massage oil.

You can get soy-based candles at Etsy, and exquisite hanging candle holders from Worldmarket online, or at any good crafts market. There are numerous ideas online for DIY candle holder projects on the web as well.

3. Upcycled and Repurposed Furniture

There are some amazing pieces of furniture out there that will complete your boho look, or you can create a project and upcycle old furniture. The best place to find unique items are antique stores, or thrift stores. Don’t be scared to mix and match textures, colours and styles – a bohemian abode is organised chaos! Pick pieces for beauty as well as durability and comfort. Combine different styles from around the world to enhance the mix-and-match effect. Match a Moroccan Pouffe with a vintage style sofa, Jalang chairs, a Pallet coffee table…  utilise different textures and fabrics. Your imagination is the only limit! Please visit and make extra money.